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Mind is the monkey that rides the tiger of unquestioned thoughts. Feed the tiger Inquiry?
The monkey / tiger image is not related to the Work of Byron Katie except though a concept of my thoughts.

The Work of Byron Katie

Description: Byron Katie

Byron Katie and her Work influenced how I see myself and the world in a positive manner.

The Work helps you see where you are at war with reality in shifting your perception simply by asking yourself four questions and using a turnaround, to achieve a better understanding.

Katie commonly refers to this process as Inquiry which can lead to Self-realization and the end of suffering.

The Four Questions
  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know that it 's true?
  3. How do you react when you think that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought?
Turn the thought around.
  1. Is that as true or truer?
  2. Can you find another turnaround?
©2002 Byron Katie Inc.

A Little About Me & this Page

I purchased many of Katie's books, CDs, and several videos from thework.net. I couldn't get enough so, I scoured the web and found someone that sold the bottom set of MP3's on 4 CDs, which is no longer available. I appreciate Katie for who she has become, what she has to offer, and for letting me share her Work via these MP3 files with you for free.

The selections here cover almost every subject you can think of, addiction, abuse, love, family, money, relationships, sex, and so much more! The quality of most of the MP3 recordings are low (48 MHz) but tolerable. There are around 150 audio files here totaling over 4GB, with the average file size being around 30 MB.

I've listened to most of them at least three times and they have really assisted me when I needed it.

Now, they are yours for free! If you want to reach me, my email is Website Contact Info

I now find myself immersed with the works of Abraham-Hicks. I don't have any audio that I can share with you and you can find plenty on YouTube

All You Need

Feel free to download An excerpt from Loving What Is PDF booklet. It is all you need to get started. For a deeper and more complete introduction to The Work, please look for Loving What Is at her store.
  • Introduction
  • What Is Is
  • Staying in Your Own Business
  • Meeting Your Thoughts with Understanding
  • Putting the Mind on Paper
  • How to Write a Worksheet
  • Inquiry: The Four Questions and Turnaround
  • Your Turn: The Worksheet
  • Your Turn: The Inquiry
  • Questions and Answers
  • "Katie-isms"
  • Reviews of Loving What Is

Download the "Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet" to assist you in getting started with the Work! This worksheet will get you going by having you judge the people in your life. The idea is to be petty, harsh, and critical to bring to surface all the negative feelings you have towards them. Once the worksheet is filled out, one can make headway towards feeling better by going through the four questions. I've seen people achieve a measure of peace and understanding, with a troubled relationship, in just one worksheet.

I was invited to share the official download page so that people can always have the current booklet and forms. Look for The Work Essentials section. You can also find the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet in many languages.

Free MP3 Downloads

Special thanks to Yvonne for digitizing these older cassettes and making them available for me to share with you.**
(Uploaded Late 2013)
Special thanks to Rubem for finding these and to Yvonne for combining the 29 files into the seven sessions below.
(Uploaded 18 October 2012)

Special thanks to Jack and Terri for making this set available to me to share with you.
(Uploaded 10 April 2012)
I've added the 3 CD set The Truth Behind Addiction, though if you find it of value I encourage you to give your financial support by buying it. There are many types of addiction that go beyond what most of us think of when we hear the word. Emotional patterns can also be addictive as the body experiences a rush during emotional extremes.
Older recordings of Byron Katie doing The Work***
00 Amsterdam 02 Mothers and Lung disease NL Byron Katie
000 Black or white Byron Katie
000 Brussel 03- NL-Fr Byron Katie
000 I am not good enough
000 Life is a pretty great place to be
000 the gathering san diego
000 thought god didnt answer my prayers nur2von2
000 What we will do for love
001 how to do a relationship
002 Sacred beliefs Byron Katie
003 i thought i knew what was best for you
007 Raising children Byron Katie
008 who is the perpetrator
009 Conversations with Katie 3 Byron Katie
010 what is there to forgive
011 Uncle Yoe and his money Byron Katie
012 mother juli1998
013 Conversations with Katie 4
014 ACA 12ann san diego 98
015 The end of suffering Byron Katie
016 Non-creation youre natural state Byron Katie
017 Armageddon Byron Katie
023 sex and relationship 1
023 sex and relationship 2
023 sex and relationship 3
023 sex and relationship 4
023 sex and relationship 5
023 sex and relationship 6
023 sex and relationship 7
025 who is the teacher (2 tapes)
030 sexual abuse
031 flame 89
032 may98 work amsterdam1 (NL)
032 may98 work amsterdam2 (NL)
033 Opening of eyes Byron Katie
034 which path
036 battlefield in vietnam
041 Sex and Relationships 2 - NL Byron Katie
044 Sex and Relationships Byron Katie
048 Money 1
048 Money 2
049 body asins death1
049 body asins death2
049 body asins death3
050 parents 2 tapes
052 incest and abuse 1
052 incest and abuse 2
053 end of suffering 1
053 end of suffering 2
053 end of suffering 3
053 end of suffering 4
053 end of suffering 5
053 End of suffering - 6
053 The End of suffering - 2
055 Father Byron Katie
056 What does perfection look like (aug 99)
057 To protect my childeren from suffering - NL Byron Katie
059 my husband should
061 We're living the worst that can happen 1 Byron Katie
061 We're living the worst that can happen 2 Byron Katie
062 The dream of enlightenment 1 Byron Katie
062 The dream of enlightenment 2 Byron Katie
065 you are my projection Byron Katie
066 Speaking and listening honestly Byron Katie
069 Fathers and sons 'live and death' Byron Katie
070 samples of the work Eron Santa Fe
071 A day in Marin (terorisme) Byron Katie
072 childs play duitse vertaling Byron Katie
077 Canser meets inquiry Byron Katie
079 Listen to me
081 two true stories
084 Thinking disability Byron Katie
086 I am so confused Byron Katie
087 Husbands and wives Byron Katie
088 Sex and death Byron Katie
089 End of Suffering V 2
089 have you thrown away your father
093 Working with grief
096 The work on Terrorism Byron Katie
099 Child does the work on teasing (Amsterdam)
103 My Skin Byron Katie
104 My addict son (Ger) Byron Katie
105 Jealosy doing your best (june 2002)
109a Does love make demands 01
109b Does love make demands 02
110 A woman's betrayal
111 Death & Responsibility 01 Byron Katie
111 Death & Responsibility 02 Byron Katie
112 The Perfect Father Byron Katie
**  Some of the latest downloads! I'm filling in the gaps as I can.
*** The titles listed are based upon the mp3 file names as I received them and have not been edited for spelling or grammar.
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